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G01-Q. How does Moletron really work?

A. Moletron generator, housed in the steel cabinet, generates ultrasonic waves. These waves are induced into a flanged pipe cell creating an intense energy field. When the fuel oil passes through this field, the heavy ends of the fuel (mainly asphaltene micelles) are broken down. In other words the aggregation of unburneable parts (V, Fe, Na, Al, Ni, S, Si, see micelles on Moletron features) that surrounds the hydrocarbon "a" , is dismantled and equally dispersed throughout the fuel flow. The "a" (asphaltene) regains its status of hydrocarbon free to easily react with the oxygen of combustion air, without risk of producing carbon unburnts. Thus providing a more thorough combustion.

G02-Q. In case Moletron shuts down inadvertently, (or coaxial cable is cut) can the FUEL FLOW be affected?

A. No. There is nothing in the treatment cell - or in the equipment - that restricts the fuel oil flow.

G03-Q. How do I check that the Generators are functioning properly?

A. On the front panel, Moletron has a digit display that indicates values of voltages and frequencies of current operations. On the Operation Manual supplied with the equipment are clearly listed the allowed ranges of operation, for every function's parameter. Any involved technician (an electrician or an engineer) may easily understand whether generators are properly functioning or not.

G04-Q. How can I be assured of continued operation?

A. There are two sets of generators in each cabinet, either MCO or MWO (please revert to diagram of Equipment composition). In other words two generators (G1 & G2) serve each treatment cell. When G2 is operating, G1 stays in stand-by (and vice versa). Should one generator fall off the set frequency, the stand-by generator automatically enters into operation.

G05-Q. I have seen a clock installed on the front panel of each cabinet. Is Moletron at risk of 2000 Y-BUG?

A. No. The dial installed on every Moletron cabinet is just an hour's counter that indicates the hours of operations. Moletron is free from any 2000-year bug. Such devices, as bios and embedded clocks, are not used as components of Moletron.

G06-Q. Where Moletron is usually installed?

A. The two treatment cells (see Moletron components) are fitted respectively one upstream and one down stream the fuel oil pre-heater in such a position to catch the whole F.O. stream.

The MCO and MWO generators are preferably installed in the control room, a place usually air-conditioned and with low level of vibration. However, in case of very small or crowded control room, or in case of large ships where the control room is located far away from the fuel oil pre-heaters, the two generators cabinets may be installed nearby F.O. pre-heaters or in the purifiers room. In these cases may exist a problem of HOT ATMOSPHERE or VIBRATIONS. This is why the Service Engineer always involves the Chief Engineer in order to find out the best location, although the cabinets are supplied with shock absorbers and the electronic components are designed to withstand a maximum temperature of 60C (140F).

G07-Q. How can I check that Moletron is able to solve my combustion problem? Nobody is going to spend several thousand dollars just on alleged statements.

A. Also Volmar is not willing to damage its reputation by risking not to solve a likely combustion problem that could be the result of a misinterpretation of such a complex phenomenon: "the combustion process".
Our suggestion to solve a combustion problem is: DO NOT BUY - FIRST TRY.
Volmar grants Moletron on Rental Trial basis, click on RENT & TRY.

G08-Q. How to avoid a Moletron trial to abort?

A. Select a ship whose combustion problems got solved by using costly additives. The cost of additives and their transportation, storage, handling are items that concur to easily calculate the pay-off of Moletron.

In case your fleet does not use additives, select one ship among others who can be easily checked during the trial. A motivated Chief Engineer "who care" must be duly instructed about Moletron exploits and expectations. Usually, a challenged Chief Engineer, who knows in advance that Moletron will be installed, will try to do its best in adjusting combustion factors, before Moletron installation. This tactic has proved worthy also to avoid future conflicts between "who care" and "who does not".

Do not insist on the formula "free trial" or "no cure no pay". On these bases, no one on board feels responsible for an item whose value is almost "null" or "free". No one will try to do its best for the success of the trial, especially in case of boilers operations where results are obtained by keeping the lowest excess of air in the combustion process.

Problems caused to combustion process by:

  • poor level of maintenance to devices linked to combustion,
  • contamination of sea water versus fuel oil,
  • lub oil intrusion into cylinders due to untimely cylinder oil delivery, etc.

must be avoided before Moletron installation.

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